I found a documentary on the internet a little while ago, called Dream Racer. The movie documents one man’s journey to compete in the Dakar Rally. I had never heard of the Dakar Rally before. It’s pretty badass.

It’s an off-road endurance event. It’s 14 days off road, in the South American desert. It. Looks. Epic.

There are 4 different types of vehicle that can compete in the event:

  • Cars
  • Quad bikes
  • Motorbikes
  • Trucks

(Yeah off road racing with a track, how mental is that??)

It consists of different stages, road stages and specials. Specials are purely off road. Road stages connect the special stages.

Riders / drivers are not permitted to have a GPS map, or map. I think a GPS compass is permitted. Navigation is mainly done by roadblock. The roadbook is a mechanical unit, almost similar to an old Roman scroll, except it is driven by an odometer. It shows the driver the compass direction to go in, the distance to in that direction for and any dangers that the driver might encounter (dangers go from pot hole, to cliff and risk of death).

Pretty cool.

A huge range of people enter. Some drivers sponsored by big manufacturers, with support trucks and teams (they make their own way between stages) that meet the driver at the end of each stage. Others, like the hero in the documentary, are amateurs, no support team.

This guy would finish the stage (and some stages could be pretty long, taking 8, 10 or more hours to complete)… and then have to maintain his book, do repairs on it etc. Insane.

The amount of mental determination that must have taken is impressive.

After seeing that.. I wondered… how hard is it? Could I do that?

Now I have no experience with that whatsoever, 14 days of that race would probably kill me (or close to it). But 4 days? I think 4 days is pretty do-able.

There is a shorter rally called the Sonar Rally in Mexico. 4 days long.

2019. I see you.

Also, I bet this would make great material for a heavy metal song or two. You can check out my previous releases here


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