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Why the CAGED system sucks

A friend of mine just created an awesome video on the CAGED system, give it a watch here:
May 4, 2016 /

Two String Arpeggio Riffs

This is a very cool technique and will serve two big purposes: Give you a new songwriting tool Help fix up what is (probably) a weak area […]
Mar 19, 2016 /

Studio Time!

I was in a recording studio last week putting together an electric guitar version of Bach's 1st Cello Suite. You can see some photos here: I'm […]
Mar 18, 2016 /

Building up a Scale Run

In this lesson we are going to look at building up a scale run. A lot of intermediate level guitar players want to be able […]
May 22, 2015 /

How to Write Guitar Harmonies Part 1

Benefits from studying this article: Understanding basic theory behind writing harmony parts. How to write harmonies. Shortcuts you can use to write harmonies quickly, so you can write […]
Apr 29, 2015 /