What? This guy isn’t metal!?

Yeah that’s true. But… you might recognise some of his songs. In particular.. Ride Like The Wind. That’s right, that AWESOME song that Saxon did (I saw them play this at Wacken and a show in London, Saxon are killer live). It just goes to show that one feature of a great song is that it can transcend genres, and Saxon give a schooling in how to do this with their cover.

So today’s musical recommendation, Christopher Cross. EVERYTHING he ever did. My favourite record is “The Definite Christopher Cross”.

It’s Grade A singer songwriter style music at it’s best. He combines male and female vocals, lots of piano and acoustic guitars, some synths, those big 80s style drum sounds. The way he builds each song, and increases the intensity and drama through different sections of songs is done really nicely. If you listen to the bass lines, they are pretty rocking too. Chris Christopher reminds me a bit of Don Henley’s solo work, but a bit lighter.

Give him a listen and buy a record!


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