This album is one of the most ridiculously awesome records I’ve ever listened to in my life. The vocals are completely out of this world. Crazy high pitches and a tone to them that cannot be matched. The songs are incredibly well written, with groovy rhythm sections and blistering guitar solos. You can’t not love it!

From the bands Facebook page:

The hard rock legend known as FATE came to life in 1984 when guitarist Hank Sherman left Mercyful Fate. Hank hooked up with fellow Copenhagen musicians bassplayer Pete Steiner (a.k.a. Peter Steincke) and drummer Bob Lance (a.k.a. Bjarne Holm). Together they formed Fate with singer and entertainer Jeff “Lox” Limbo.

Some pretty cool things have come from Merciful Fate over the years (another great band worth checking out – I’ll probably post about them at some point).

They’ve had a few line up changes over the years, and their sound changed a lot between early albums.

But this album is totally killer.

Grade A driving music. Enjoy!


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