A friend of mine just created an awesome video on the CAGED system, give it a watch here:



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    • rmart1960@rogers.com

      I am by no means an expert in music, but I wanted to post my opinion. It makes sense what you say about the right hand mechanics when learning the patterns on the Caged system. I believe you are right that it would take more time to adapt and learn when there are two strings on some of the strings. Also, different strings, like you mentioned.

      I was going to learn the Caged system, but I remembered seeing this Blog subject on the Sam Russell website. It’s a good thing that I did not try to learn the Caged system. I thank you for your video. I’m left with one concern? I learnt the A minor Pentatonic scale with an extra note, D#. This has also caused an inconsistent 2 or 3 notes per string. I’m not sure if you wish to reply, but do you think that I should eliminate the D# note to make it 2 notes per string. I will have to unlearn the 5 positions.
      Thanks for sharing the video and your analysis. It makes sense to me.
      Robert Martellini

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