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From the Desk of Sam Russell

Subject: The Music That You're Missing Out On

So I'm sitting here, wondering what it takes to find die hard heavy metal fans and get my music in-front of them. I sat around for nearly a year trying to figure this out. As it turns out, it's as simple as putting up an advert or two on facebook. 

You're reading this page, so you've clicked one of those adverts I put on facebook. That advert only gets displayed to people that like certain bands. Well, not certain bands. Kickass heavy metal bands. Badass guitar players. I figure that if you like X band or Y musician, you'll enjoy my music too.

But... is my music worth you filling out another dreaded form on the internet, asking for your email address? 

Well I can promise you now, I'm only going to send you awesome heavy metal. You won't receive viagra adverts or the poorly spelt lamentations of lonely MILFs. 

Is filling out this form worth it, for a song? After putting 15 years of learning guitar, multiple failed bands, being fired from two bands, a couple of broken hearts and a bank loan; I made the music you are about to listen to, that you get to listen to - for free.

I mean... that seems like a pretty good deal to me. 

Let's say the music is awesome and you love it - you just got a kickass songs for free. You could have stopped reading this, filled out the form and already be listening to some new sweet tunes!

Let's say the music sucks (it doesn't... but what if?). Well... I can only apologise. That's my fault for recording shit music and wasting your time. As means of compensation, you can tell you friends how hilariously bad the songs are and how much I suck, and you'll get a kick out of doing that. I think that's only fair.

So really it's a win-win for you. 

Enter your name and email in the boxes, so I can send you a kickass heavy metal songs - today. Right now. (Check your spam filter - while I can guarantee I am not a lonely MILF, sometimes gmail gets confused. Maybe it's my long hair?).

I might share a couple of cool stories from the road too. Like meeting one of my heroes and what it was like to be in a recording studio with them for two days. Or the time at a band rehearsal when we had to physically pick a guy up and literally throw him out the door.

I promise not to share your information with anyone (apart from being illegal, it's a total dick move). We all get enough viagra adverts and lonely MILFs serenading our inboxes, we don't need any more.

Your brother in metal,

Sam Russell

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