Two String Arpeggio Riffs

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This is a very cool technique and will serve two big purposes: Give you a new songwriting tool Help fix up what is (probably) a weak area of your playing. What we are looking at with this lesson is creating riffs using arpeggios based on two strings. Let’s quickly recap the intervals in the arpeggios […]

Studio Time!

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I was in a recording studio last week putting together an electric guitar version of Bach’s 1st Cello Suite. You can see some photos here: I’m currently putting together the artwork for the record and it will be out before the end of April!

6 Reasons You Should Learn Your Scale Patterns

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Learning to create different sounds Different scales create different sounds. By learning your scales you will learn how to create different sounds – i.e. you will start to be able to know what you are about to play will sound like before you play it.   Improvise up the entire neck I tend to find […]

Building up a Scale Run

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In this lesson we are going to look at building up a scale run. A lot of intermediate level guitar players want to be able to play awesome scale runs down the length of their neck, and it can be quite hard to know how to get started with them. So we are going to […]

How to Write Guitar Harmonies Part 2

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This lesson isn’t going to deal with writing harmonies, so much as what to do with them once we have them. We’ll cover two simple concepts that will give awesome results for your writing. For both concepts, we are going to start with the following guitar harmony, in the key of E minor (equivalent to […]

How to Write Guitar Harmonies Part 1

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Benefits from studying this article: Understanding basic theory behind writing harmony parts. How to write harmonies. Shortcuts you can use to write harmonies quickly, so you can write them on the spot.  A guitar harmony is a great way to make a simple melody sound totally awesome. Once you understand how to do them, they […]

Interview with Par from Sabaton

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This is an interview I conducted at Hellfest with Par from Sabaton at Hellfest 2014. I’m very grateful for his time! The interview looks at Sabaton’s career and how the band has developed over the years. Par talks about some of the practicalities of running a touring band as-well as his attitudes and views to […]

It’s Looking Like a Hellfest Kinda Summer

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Summer can sometimes have it’s downsides – it gets super hot and you need three showers a day, your friends all vanish for a month on some fancy holiday, the Sun wakes you up at 5am, and you generally feel like an ant, at the displeasure of some spoilt kid with a magnifying glass. But […]

Compositional Ideas: Baroque Pedal Points

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This is a neoclassical tool we can use in lead composition. We are going to look at extracts from Bach’s 1st Cello Suite, Prelude and Courante, see how Bach uses pedal points, then look at how we can apply this in our own playing. This extract is from Bach’s Prelude in his first Cello Suite. […]


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