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Chromatic Exercises for Guitar

Chromatic Exercises for Guitar

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Chromatic exercises are a great way to start developing your lead guitar technique, dexterity, finger independence and stamina. 

This book is split into three section:

  • Beginner Exercises
  • Intermediate Exercises
  • Advanced Exercises

Each section contains picking directions and fingerings. 

There is a section at the start of the book detailing how to practice these exercises, how to approach the technique for both left and right hands, how to approach, practice and control dynamics and accents, decouple sympathetic muscle tension and a few words on practice plans and metronome tempos.

Beginner Exercises

This section contains 25 exercises that work through every possible combination of fingers on your fret hand. Working through these exercises ensures you have no "weak points" and that each finger has dexterity and strength.

This section also contains instructions on how to extend all the exercises up the entire range of the neck, to give your hands a serious workout.

Intermediate Exercises

This section builds on the exercises in the first section, creating more complex patterns using repeating notes. These exercises give an additional layer of complexity, forcing your fingers to work in odd combinations you wouldn't have considered, to give you more freedom in your playing.

This section also contains instructions on how to extend all the exercises up the entire range of the neck.

Advanced Exercises

These exercises are nothing like the preceding two section, giving you complex chromatic exercises that roam around the neck and forcing you to change positions, use string skipping and really push your technique to the limits.

Also contains instruction on how to take the exercises and create 456 variations of your own.

Problem Solving and Training Programs

The book also contains sections on recommended training programs you can use, and how to problem solve getting "stuck" at different tempos. 

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